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Free TotalCRM License Trial

TotalCRM is the perfect solution to facilitate, record and manage all customer interactions. Our brand new CRM + Live Chat platform was scheduled for launch in the coming weeks, however in order to assist many businesses that are now working remotely, we have decided with immediate effect to supply and support our new platform to anyone free of any charge for 6 months, with no obligation.

Current world events have highlighted the benefits of remote working and cloud-based tools in allowing businesses to continue operations when restrictions are placed on the movement of the population. However, while companies have actioned contingency plans for allowing employees to work, communicate and collaborate remotely from the comfort of their home, many are now facing the challenge of maintaining high quality customer engagement in the period of social distancing. When customer interaction becomes a remote process, the need for a reliable, full-featured CRM platform becomes more important than ever.

Key features include:

• Live Chat Service – By placing a small snippet of code on a website, visitors can communicate with customer service teams in real-time to answer any sales or support questions.

• Support Tickets – By either sending an email, or accessing a dedicated portal, customers can create support tickets which can be allocated to multiple departments within a business.

• Company, Contact and Client Management – Keeps records of all customer details and notes of all interactions - both through the TCRM software and externally.

• Task Management, Sprint Planning and Shared Calendar – Manage team resources by creating and allocating different tasks to individuals or whole departments.

• Detailed Reports – Create custom reports to monitor team performance and customer volumes.

• Integrated Paid Support Rate Management – Add billable services which can be allocated to customers and used to produce detailed reports on billable services.

At Network Media, we appreciate that the current world-wide situation presents a challenge to all business and time is of the essence when adapting. Therefore; we’ve taken the decision to provide the TotalCRM solution for free for the first six-months – no setup or monthly costs at-all during this period, with no obligation to continue with the platform at the end. We hope this will be of help to the many business who are currently trying to find new ways to support their customers in these difficult times and will allow the wheels of commerce to continue with as little disruption as possible to all businesses.

For more information, or to request a demonstration of the TotalCRM solution, please contact us on, telephone us on +44 (0) 1664 431 761, or visit

Of course we appreciate that many businesses already have a CRM solution in-place so, even If your organisation has no need for this solution, please forward this news to any contacts in business who you think could benefit from this offer so that we may help them to overcome some of the challenges presented by the current world situation.


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